A sense for the biggest pictures.

What an industrial film can do for you

The target group of the industrial film is predominantly in the B2B area, i.e. people who are familiar with the subject matter. The industrial film presents your company and your USPs in a compact and exciting format. Products, manufacturing processes, production facilities, special services - let your prospective customers directly recognize that your company is the right one! We create the images to present your company in a captivating way and to leave a lasting impression.

Industriefilm Drohnenaufnahme

Drone footage in industrial film - showing dimensions.

Huge industrial facilities also need huge images. To show large production halls and machines in their full dimensions, we rely on aerial filming. Our drone pilots have the necessary permits and experience to capture grandiose images and moments for your industrial film.

Industriefilm Making-Of

Examples for industrial films

The classic

The classic industrial film gives an overview of the expertise, services, and products: "This is who we are, this is what we do, here you will find us!"

The project film

A special project deserves a special highlight. The film is particularly interesting for customers who are experts in their field and clarifies your position as a specialist.

A day at work

Whether the case be a recruiting film for the acquisition of new employees or an insight for a potential customer: A day in the factory is exciting and shows interested parties, who is at work and how they go about it!